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Monitoring active time has never been easier!

  • Automatic, seamless active time monitoring
  • Track computer/employee active hours
  • For in-office, hybrid, or remote settings
  • In-cloud or on-premise
  • Uses a minimum amount of system resources
  • Works like a charm on 1-20,000 computers, field tested
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WorkTime offers well-organized reports

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Active time per hour, per day/week/moth, for every employee, or department

WorkTime. Employee active time monitoring

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WorkTime reports can be exported to a CSV format. Use it to transfer active time monitoring results to other databases.
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WorkTime. Employee active time monitoring

For remote, hybrid, and in-office teams

WorkTime's active time monitoring is suitable for all types of working models: in-office, remote, and hybrid. You can not only monitor active time but also compare where your team is most active.

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Instant increase in active time!

This UK bank managed to increase their remote employees' active time by 46% in just 3 days! WorkTime functions and it's transparent approach made it smooth and effective.

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WorkTime. Employee active time monitoring

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More about active time monitoring from WorkTime

1. WorkTime is an active time monitoring software. Its reports show the active hours that employees spend on computer activities such as visiting websites, using applications, participating in online meetings, and more. Analyzing this data proves to be highly valuable in accomplishing various business goals. 2. WorkTime is easy to implement and maintain WorkTime is very easy to implement, either the Cloud version or on-premise. The WorkTime team puts their full effort into maintaining the software, ensuring it runs smoothly, remains free of bugs, and continues to be highly effective. 3. Suitable for any computerized office, any setting: in-office, remote, or hybrid Active time monitoring software is a versatile solution that suits all kinds of industries, whether it's manufacturing, banking, remote work, or office work. It's adaptable to various work models including in-office, remote, or hybrid setups.
Reports: 1. WorkTime offers user-friendly reports Convenient WorkTime reports are created in such a way that during a hard working day your eyes will not blur from the flow of monotonous information. Minimalism and only necessary information about the work of your employees will help you to analyze the work of your employees with high efficiency and make the necessary decisions to increase activity and productivity. 2. Active time per hour - one of the reports by WorkTime Active time per hour" is an essential feature for comparing employee activity across various time intervals during working hours. This function makes it effortless to identify when an employee is most active. For instance, an employee might exhibit peak efficiency from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM, followed by a decrease in activity. WorkTime reports track this pattern, enabling employers to take necessary steps to sustain consistent activity levels throughout the workday. 3. You can compare employee active time by their IP address, whether they are working in-office, remotely, or switching between the two. WorkTime gathers the data, making it simple to analyze and compare the percentages. Benefits of using active time monitoring from WorkTime: 1. Increased employee activity When you monitor employee active time, you have undeniable data regarding how employees utilize the company's computers – when they're actively engaged and when they're not. Sharing this information with department managers or employees, or even simply informing them about the monitoring, leads to an immediate boost in active time. 2. Non-invasive and transparent approach keeps working environment healthy One really great thing about WorkTime is how it takes a non-invasive approach to employee monitoring. This means your employees don't need to stress about their privacy being invaded at work. Plus, the transparency of this approach gives employees the confidence that monitoring is purely for business reasons. 3. Cut down on excessively long meetings You may not even realize that your meetings are too long, that they are not getting enough results, and that they are taking up a lot of employees' time that they could be spending on productive work, but instead they are falling asleep in boring meetings. Monitoring active time will allow employers to more effectively manage the meeting schedule and the information that will be in that meeting, thus reducing inefficient time in meetings. 4. Improved employee productivity Increasing labor productivity is not a fantasy, active time monitoring can really do that, the main thing is to use the reports that are provided to the employer wisely. For example, the employer found that employees work low activity after the evening, accordingly, the employer can talk to the employees, or reduce wages for time not worked, after which the employees are more than willing to return to high active work, as it will directly depend on their salary. 5. Identify false overtime Detecting false overtime will save the company from paying for time that the employee did not actually work, it will also help to know exactly whether the employee is working overtime or not. Monitoring active time will help save the company's finances, as well as knowing who is actually working overtime and who is resting. 6. Minimized idle time Employees can easily get distracted at work – chatting, surfing the net for personal purposes, visiting social networking sites, or taking long coffee breaks during the hours they are paid to be active. This could lead to the misuse of working hours and money loss. To put it more precisely, Harvard Business School conducted a study that found that businesses lose over $100 billion every year in wages paid to employees for idle time. 7. Balanced workload Our monitoring tool provides real-time insights into each employee's active hours, enabling you to identify peak productivity periods and optimize workflows. By understanding how your team operates, you can streamline tasks, improve collaboration, and foster a more engaged workforce. Embrace WorkTime to witness a significant boost in office productivity and ultimately drive your company towards greater success. How active time monitoring is useful for remote companies. Gain valuable data on individual and team productivity, ensuring no lapses in efficiency. Moreover, WorkTime's cost-effective approach allows you to optimize resource allocation and cut unnecessary expenses. Embrace the power of data-driven decision-making to foster a balanced work environment, where employees stay motivated and invested, regardless of their location. Active time monitoring is ideal for companies on a hybrid operating model. 8. Well engaged employees: remote and hybrid work models In the remote work landscape, maintaining productivity and engagement is important. WorkTime's active monitoring capability ensures that distance doesn't hinder your team's efficiency. Empower your remote employees with a sense of accountability and transparency through real-time performance insights. Recognize and reward top performers, and provide support to those in need. With WorkTime, you'll build a remote work culture that promotes collaboration, efficiency, and work-life balance. Embrace this innovative solution to maximize your remote team's potential, achieve better results, and strengthen your organization in the face of modern work challenges. 9. Productive remote employees Remote companies tend to suffer from poor performance more often than others. Active time monitoring can help remote companies establish clear discipline among employees, thus avoiding low activity or low employee engagement. For companies that are already performing well, it will help maintain productivity at a maximum level and keep employees engaged at all times.