Employee monitoring for human resources (HR)

Hire quality staff, assess new employees.

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  • For Windows, macOS
  • Cloud, on-premise
  • For Terminal/Citrix server
  • From 1 to 15,000+ computers
  • 25+ years in employee monitoring
  • Office, remote, hybrid

Monitoring of new hires for HR

Monitor the performance of new employees. Evaluate and analyze their activities, selecting only the most capable individuals using WorkTime's capabilities.

Evaluate their performance

Assess employees' performance, workplace attendance, efficiency, activity, productivity, and various other metrics.

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Non-invasive monitoring technologies for HR

The non-invasive employee monitoring technologies of WorkTime will not intimidate new employees and will ensure the preservation of their personal space and privacy.
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Green employee monitoring

Keep an eye on your remote & in-office teams. Monitor employee active time, attenndance, login/logout, screen productivity, keystrokes speed. Stay safe, non-invasive & effective with Green monitoring.

No private employee information collected!

HIPAA compatible

GDPR compatible

Safe for any country & industry

Compatible with office, remote and hybrid work models

Employee monitoring for HR is fully compatible with remote office and hybrid work models.