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  • For Windows, macOS
  • Cloud, on-premise
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  • From 1 to 15,000+ computers
  • 25+ years in employee monitoring
  • Office, remote, hybrid

Monitor your employees without risk of security violation

Why choose WorkTime?

Safeguarding healthcare data

WorkTime has the highest data safety standards

What we do:
  • Comply with HIPAA
  • Comply with GDPR
  • Adhere to US Legislation
What we don't do:
  • Capture screenshots
  • Record screen activity videos
  • Monitor keystrokes

Boost healthcare workforce efficiency without compromising safety

Monitor with utmost confidence

Make a choice that guarantees exclusive data access

Cloud-Based Option Experience unrestricted access to your monitoring data from anywhere with internet connectivity. Benefit from effortless setup and maintenance, as we oversee the infrastructure management. Your data remains securely stored in the cloud, ensuring your peace of mind.
On-Premises Solution Embrace complete control and tailored customization. With your sensitive monitoring data remaining safely on your premises, your monitoring process exudes confidence and security.

Success story


Rescue medical services



Medical service saves $7,500 per employee annually!

Canadian Rescue Medical Service saved big with WorkTime. By using monitoring software company identified remote worker overcharges, optimized productivity, and achieved significant cost savings.

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per employee saved

WorkTime. Secure monitoring software for healthcare companies

Benefit from the possibilities of WorkTime's non-invasive monitoring software, which guarantees data protection, compliance, and increased work productivity.

Secure Monitoring Software for Healthcare Companies: Ensure data security and compliance with employee monitoring software. Test the benefits of employee monitoring software for healthcare. Compatibility: Available for Windows, Mac, and on-premise/cloud setups, even for Terminal/Citrix servers. Scalability: Suitable for small to large healthcare organizations, from 1 to 15,000+ computers. Expertise: Backed by 20+ years of productivity monitoring experience. Security Compliance: Monitor employees securely, respecting privacy laws. Accurate Work Hours Tracking: Use the software to precisely track work hours and generate insightful reports. Productivity and Attendance Trends: Analyze employee productivity and attendance patterns. Computer Activity Monitoring: Monitor employee computer usage for optimized operations. Non-Invasive Monitoring: Safeguard employee privacy without compromising tracking. Sensitive Data Protection: Guarantee the protection of sensitive client data. Privacy Law Adherence: Ensure compliance with privacy laws and regulations. Unparalleled Data Security: Software employs security protocols for data confidentiality and compliance. Customized Monitoring: Tailor settings for seamless integration without disruptions. HIPAA and GDPR Compliance: Employee monitoring software complies with healthcare and data protection regulations. Efficiency Boost in Healthcare Workforce: Enhance healthcare workforce efficiency while prioritizing safety. Cloud-Based Option: Enjoy unrestricted access to monitoring data from anywhere with internet connectivity. On-Premises Solution: Maintain complete control and tailored customization with data kept securely on-site.
Secure monitoring software for healthcare companies: WorkTime offers non-invasive employee monitoring software. HIPAA compliance: WorkTime is HIPAA compliant. It ensures patient health data confidentiality and employee productivity. HIPAA scope and penalties: HIPAA covers healthcare organizations and business associates. Penalties for violations can be significant. HIPAA privacy and security rules: HIPAA security rule requires administrative, physical, and technical safeguards. Administrative safeguards include policies and procedures. Physical safeguards involve location and device protection. Technical safeguards require proper software and equipment. WorkTime's role: WorkTime focuses on employee productivity monitoring. It does not directly handle PHI (Protected Health Information). Non-invasive monitoring: WorkTime's non-invasive monitoring respects privacy. It does not access or record PHI. Benefits for healthcare organizations: WorkTime helps healthcare organizations monitor employee activities. Real-time performance monitoring reports aid administrators. Data protection and privacy: WorkTime offers multi-tier data protection. Transparent policies and handbooks ensure privacy awareness. Efficiency and transparency: WorkTime boosts employee performance. Real-time reports show how employees use their working hours. HIPAA and GDPR compliance: WorkTime is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. It offers transparency and privacy. Monitoring software's role: WorkTime aids in resource optimization. It complies with employee monitoring laws. Subscription and resources: WorkTime offers free trials and provides resources. The software ensures security, compliance, and efficiency.