WorkTime customer reviews

  • “WorkTime saved us $7,500 per employee per year.”

    Harry T.


    IT consultant

    Emergency rescue services

    20-50 employees

    Used the software for: 7 years

    We use WorkTime to monitor our remote employees. We manage a distributed team located in different countries, including software developers and marketers. To our surprise, many of them were falling short of fulfilling their work duties.
  • “WorkTime saved us thousands on unused educational software.”

    Jessica A.


    IT manager

    School board

    1,000-5,000 employees

    Used the software for: 12 years

    When we started using WorkTime, we found out that we were spending money on expensive software that nobody was using. And we were paying for it every year! Now, we're better at controlling our software costs. We also use WorkTime to keep track of when employees and students are present.
  • “WorkTime is a very good addition to our attendance monitoring system.”

    Mohammed I.



    5,000-15,000 employees

    Used the software for: 8 years

    At our bank, we have this card check-in system where employees would sometimes pass their cards to each other or just check in but not really work. But since we got WorkTime, all of that has stopped. Attendance is way better now.
  • “We monitor what our employees actually do when in terminal sessions.”

    James G.


    IT manager

    Information technology and services

    50-500 employees

    Used the software for: 5 years

    We have lots of employees working remotely. For our Terminal server setup WorkTime works just fine. Good soft and not expensive.
  • “Based on WorkTime statistics we plan the future software purchases.”

    Marco A.


    IT manager

    Outsource agency

    20-50 employees

    Used the software for: 3 years

    Before we decide to extend any software service, we always look at the data from WorkTime. It's like our reality check – showing us exactly how the software is being used.
  • “We monitor employee attendance and productivity.”

    Kumar S.


    IT manager

    Outsource agency

    5,000-15,000 employees

    Used the software for: 6 years

    Our employees work in three shifts and different employees work on different computers. We also have lots of departments and managers. WorkTime does what we need in terms of productivity and attendance monitoring.