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HIPAA, GDPR compatible

  • Data integrity

    Choose the on-premise option to ensure that all data is stored on your company's computers

  • Legal Compliance

    We strictly adhere to US legislation, GDPR, and international privacy laws.

  • Non-Intrusive Monitoring

    We do not capture screenshots, videos, or monitor keystrokes.

  • Zero Business Material Collection

    We do not record any content from work files or apps.

Stay informed on how your remote employees spend their working time

WorkTime efficiently monitors both in-office, hybrid and remote workers

  • Are they in time for work?
  • How long is their idle time?
  • How often are they distracted?
  • Do they visit job search websites?
  • Are they chatting on social media?
  • Are they shopping online?

Success story


Finance and legal services



WorkTime minimized unproductive meeting time

WorkTime's attendance monitoring feature helped a financial and legal consultancy firm. Attendance reports reduced recurring meetings' time, improved employee punctuality, and boosted productivity through organizational changes.

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WorkTime. Effective employee monitoring for law offices

Enhance productivity and data security in law offices with WorkTime software

Enhance productivity and data security in law offices with WorkTime's effective employee monitoring solution. Try it free for 14 days and experience the benefits across Windows, Mac, cloud, on-premise, and Terminal/Citrix server platforms, catering to a wide range of computer systems from 1 to 15,000+ computers. Backed by over 20 years of expertise in productivity monitoring, boost individual performance through proven methods such as monitoring computer activities, decreasing idle time, minimizing micromanagement, preventing burnout, and ensuring non-invasive monitoring.
Witness improved individual productivity as WorkTime calculates and tracks productivity, revealing time wastage and employee distractions, while minimizing micromanagement efforts and paper sheet errors. Benefit from improved management reporting by replacing time-consuming and error-prone manual timesheets with automated task tracking, attendance monitoring, and idle hours recording. Foster improved employee engagement by meeting quality and performance expectations, identifying weaknesses, and enhancing efficiency. Ensure your sensitive data stays secure within the law office with WorkTime's commitment to data integrity through the on-premise option and adherence to US legislation, GDPR, and international privacy laws. Experience non-intrusive monitoring that excludes capturing screenshots, videos, or monitoring keystrokes, and avoids collecting business material content. Stay informed about remote employees' activities, time management, and potential distractions. WorkTime efficiently monitors in-office, hybrid, and remote workers, making it a comprehensive solution for your team's needs. Unlock your team's potential now with a free 14-day trial. Additionally, discover a success story where WorkTime minimized unproductive meeting time for a financial and legal consultancy firm with 120 employees. Attendance monitoring resulted in reduced meeting duration, improved punctuality, and increased productivity through strategic organizational changes. Read more to see how WorkTime can transform your law office. Transform your approach to attendance monitoring with WorkTime's employee monitoring software. In the finance and legal services sector, with 120 employees in the USA, conquer the challenge of recurring meetings through efficient attendance tracking. As your firm expands, ensure even workload distribution with our software. Witness substantial benefits as employee attendance reports drastically shorten meeting durations, boost punctuality, and elevate productivity through organizational improvements. Manager of a financial and legal consultancy firm turned to WorkTime for a solution. Amidst team growth, tackle uneven assignments and productivity fluctuations with our automated cloud-based solution. Simplify attendance management and unleash productivity with WorkTime's software. WorkTime offers non-invasive employee monitoring software that aims to enhance workplace efficiency and protect employee privacy. Unlike other software, WorkTime avoids the use of keystroke and screenshot monitoring due to its negative implications. The text highlights five reasons why these monitoring methods are detrimental to businesses: they negatively impact the work environment, lead to increased expenses, risk losing valuable employees, waste system resources and management time, and pose security and legal risks. WorkTime emphasizes that its approach focuses on analyzing productivity without invading employees' privacy, offering metrics such as productive vs. unproductive screen time and keystroke counts. The software seeks to improve workplace autonomy, reduce micromanagement, and avoid the storage and analysis burden associated with traditional monitoring methods. Additionally, it addresses legal concerns and data security issues associated with keystroke and screenshot recording, advocating for its non-invasive approach to achieve productivity enhancement. The summary underscores WorkTime's commitment to transparent, ethical, and effective monitoring to foster a healthy work environment.