November 2, 2023

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Instant increase in active time. Well done, WorkTime!

Greg N, a manager at the UK-Japanese bank, subscribed to WorkTime to to look into the reasons behind remote workers' decreased productivity. The management was mainly interested in monitoring the computer idle and active times of its work- from-home operators. The goal was to solve the low productivity problem and boost employee computer active time to the same level as when they worked in the office.


Hundreds of workers switched to working from home since COVID lockdowns began. Even after the lockdown restrictions were lifted, the bank's customer service representatives continued to work remotely. However, when compared to working in the office, employees' productivity, quality of work, and response time dropped dramatically. Working from home made it a challenge to understand the root causes of the problem. It wasn't clear if the slow response time was as a result of work-from-home employees being away from their computers during meetings or had a high volume of requests. In an office setting, it is easier for managers to monitor if employees are on their computers during working hours. But when employees work remotely, this cannot be checked easily.


Greg N. implemented WorkTime to monitor employee attendance, including computer idle and active times. WorkTime clearly shows, when an employee starts and finishes using the computer and, when an employee is idle or active on the computer.

The use

A few employees had an unacceptable attendance pattern: they would start on time (log onto their computers on time), then simply stop using the computers for a few hours. And this was on a daily basis. The company also used software to keep track of employee meetings. The company decided to investigate; perhaps the idle time was attributed to meetings. But it turned out that the idle time wasn't caused by meetings. The management spoke with the employees, issued a warning, and outlined company expectations; however, some of them ignored the warning. So the corporation decided to let them go, and the decision was made public.


The result was better than expected: employee computer active time increased instantly from 30-40% to 86%! Needless to say, management was overjoyed. They also feel much more confident and in control of how their employees spend their working hours when they work from home.

"We are very pleased with the efficiency with which WorkTime assisted us in increasing and monitoring remote employee active time and attendance." It was quite instant and effortless. This is now a must-have tool in our company. Speaking of remote employees, we've regained control over the quality of working hours, thank you."– Greg N., the manager from the UK bank.


"Thank you for your feedback, Greg! We put lots of effort to make WorkTime as valuable and easy to use for our customers as possible. We are glad that WorkTime continues to help your business every day!"

– Kirill Nesterenko, CEO at WorkTime

About WorkTime

WorkTime is a productivity monitoring tool that offers attendance, idle/active time monitoring and more other useful features to keep your business productivity at a good level. WorkTime is the only monitoring software on the market that focuses on employee productivity without invading employee privacy.

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