Smart monitoring solution for financial services industry

Efficiency, Insights, and Security Combined

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  • For Windows, macOS
  • Cloud, on-premise
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  • From 1 to 15,000+ computers
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Data-secure monitoring for your business

Your data security assured with WorkTime

WorkTime uses a non-invasive approach and guarantees the non-collection of private client or employee information

WorkTime offers reports on:
  • Webcam, microphone, and computer usage
  • Application and software usage
WorkTime does not collect:
  • Video or phone conversation recordings
  • Screenshots or keystrokes

Your data security is our commitment. Choose WorkTime to ensure privacy. Read more about WorkTime safety features

Empower your management choices with data-driven insights

Use accurate and detailed reports from WorkTime to improve the work of your team

  • Stop unproductive employee time
  • Monitor social media use
  • Prevent idle time in real-time
  • Identify inaccurate overtime
  • Address poor attendance
  • Spot low performers with data proof
Read more about green features from WorkTime

Achieve better team performance with WorkTime's non-invasive and socially responsible employee monitoring

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Instant productivity boost for the accounting company!

A US accounting firm cut unproductive work time by addressing family ties that caused biased work evaluation. They used automated WorkTime software to see the true employee activity, resolved issues, and boosted productivity.

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WorkTime. Smart monitoring solution for financial services industry

WorkTime meets finance industry demands, offering real-time reports on activities, productivity and security

WorkTime - GDPR-compliant employee monitoring software: discover how WorkTime's GDPR-compliant employee monitoring software ensures data safety while improving productivity. Learn how GDPR principles are upheld and how WorkTime's transparent and non-invasive monitoring enhances your management process. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective on May 25, 2018, safeguards EU citizens' data and privacy by setting guidelines for businesses collecting personal data from EU citizens, whether within or outside the EU, ensuring lawful processing, security, and zero breaches. Employee monitoring software usage is legal under GDPR, ensuring work productivity, data protection, and responsible asset use.
Compliance is crucial; software must align with GDPR guidelines, collecting only relevant data, such as internet use and email traffic. WorkTime adheres to GDPR principles to protect personal data: transparency, fairness, and lawfulness; purpose limitation; data minimization; accuracy; storage limitation; security, integrity, confidentiality; and accountability. WorkTime ensures GDPR compliance through transparency, a focus on productivity enhancement, and data security with encrypted database storage and secure measures to prevent data breaches. Empower your business to comply with GDPR requirements and ensure data privacy while improving productivity with WorkTime. Remember, this information provides general insight and not legal advice. Consult your lawyer for professional legal guidance. WorkTime resolves managerial issues for family businesses in the accounting industry, USA, with 15-25 Employees. Challenge: Unproductive personnel due to poor management in a relaxed family business atmosphere. Solution: WorkTime Employee Monitoring Software. Result: Enhanced productivity, rebuilt mutual respect, and professional relationship based on productivity reports. Due to an economic downturn, a family-owned accounting company reduced its workforce from 25 to 15, struggling with blurred lines between family and business. WorkTime reports highlighted unproductivity, saving from hiring an expensive manager. Lack of managerial control led to declining productivity. WorkTime provided a cost-effective solution that eliminated the need for a costly manager, restored trust, and improved loyalty. Clear reports helped establish professional trust and boosted employee productivity.