Green employee monitoring

WorkTime is socially responsible, effective & safe employee monitoring technology

  • For Windows, Mac
  • Cloud, on-premise
  • For Terminal/Citrix server
  • From 1 to 15,000+ computers
  • From 20+ years productivity monitoring experts

Green benefits

Green employee monitoring

Keep an eye on your remote & in-office teams. Monitor employee active time, attendance, login/logout, screen productivity, keystrokes speed. Stay safe, non-invasive & effective with Green monitoring.

No private employee information collected!

HIPAA compatible

GDPR compatible

Safe for any country & industry

No invasive functions, pure productivity monitoring

Screen productivity
Effective & safe employee productivity monitoring
  • Privacy protected - no personal information recorded
  • Screen productivity is described in numbers
  • Numbers are easy to analyze
  • Numbers allow track progress
Live screenshots
Slow & invasive employee privacy breaker
  • Privacy invaded - personal info gets recorded
  • All you get are images
  • Images are difficult to analyze
  • There is no way to track progress

Green "Screen productivity" report

Safe & effective replacement of invasive screenshots

Here you know the screen is 64% productive. Top unproductive activity is use. You see the history, you track the progress. Easy, effective, safe!

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No distractions, just productive work on the project!

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WorkTime. Green employee monitoring WorkTime. Green employee monitoring

Invasive vs. Green

Invasive monitoring
Green monitoring
Invasive monitoring
Privacy breaker
  • It catches private information: passwords, personal messages/chats content, private pictures, web-banking, payment, health information & more.
  • Screenshots & keystrokes recording is invasive.
  • This potentially might cause legal issues.
Green monitoring
Privacy protection
  • Privacy is 100% protected, no personal data is recorded.
  • No screens, content, passwords, or keystrokes etc.
  • It's to monitor productivity, attendance, active time.
  • No legal issues.
Invasive monitoring
Team waster
  • Exessive control causes lack of trust & unproductive tension.
  • It is a step towards micromanagement.
  • It's the reason for employee turnover & your best employees leave.
  • It results in business slow-down.
Green monitoring
Winning team
  • With business oriented monitoring employees feel respected & confident.
  • They trust you. They are loyal.
  • They want to stay and grow with your business.
Invasive monitoring
Time waster
  • Screenshots monitoring generates a huge amount of images.
  • To create a monthly productivity report for 10 employees takes 5 days (15 sec/screenshot).
  • It's a wase of manager's time.
Green monitoring
Effective time use
  • Screen productivity comes in numbers not images.
  • The data is ready to use & make decisions.
  • To get a monthly productivity report for 10 employees takes less than 5 minutes.
  • It saves managers' time for more important tasks.
Invasive monitoring
Space waster
  • Screenshots for 10 employees take 9.5 Gb/month.
  • Keystrokes & videos take even more!
Green monitoring
Space saver
  • Zero space wasted on screenshots, keystrokes, videos.
Invasive monitoring
Zero space wasted on screenshots, keystrokes, videos
  • Malware-like traits might conflict with anti-virus. Result: inaccurate data & lack of safety.
Green monitoring
Reliable & safe
  • Accurate data, reliable monitoring.
Invasive monitoring
Money waster
  • You pay for invasive functions, you can't even effectively use.
Green monitoring
Money saver
  • You only pay for what you use.
Invasive monitoring
It makes you hide
  • You can't openly discuss discovered problems with the team & grow.
Green monitoring
It's transparent
  • You can discuss & improve monitoring results with the team.
  • Grow your business & reach your goals.
Time away from computer

Go with idle time monitoring not with video recording

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