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WorkTime - non-invasive employee idle time monitoring

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Every coffee break adds to idle time

Activities like coffee/tea/smoke breaks, chatting with coworkers, browsing on the phone, and stepping away from the desk for personal reasons all contribute to idle time.
Minimize employee idle time

The amount of idle time often goes underestimated. Keep your employees engaged and active with WorkTime!

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Reduce employee idle time, increase active time instant

Don't overpay for false overtime

Having four hours of idle time during working hours and then working an additional two hours afterward can lead to inaccurate overtime calculations. Detect false overtime with WorkTime!

Non invasive approach to time monitoring

WorkTime is the only vendor of non-invasive employee monitoring software.

WorkTime is Green employee monitoring.

User-friendly idle time reports

Don't burden yourself with a monotonous stream of text about employee performance reports. WorkTime offers convenient downtime reports where everything is as practical and clear as possible.

Why is WorkTime's idle time detection feature essential for maximizing productivity?

Why do customers choose WorkTime idle time monitoring?

HIPAA, GDPR compatible

  • Swift Productivity

    With handy WorkTime reports, you can swiftly assess the actual productive hours of your employees versus unproductive ones.

  • Precision Tracking

    Our automatic system flawlessly tracks employee computer activity, ensuring precise monitoring of their engagement during working hours with an astounding accuracy rate of 0.01%.

  • Efficiency Booster

    Employee idle time monitoring is a vital tool for enhancing productivity and efficiency, and WorkTime's idle time tracker excels in fulfilling this essential task.

  • Privacy-Respecting

    The non-invasive model at the core of all WorkTime employee monitoring software enables the implementation of a top-notch solution that respects employee privacy while operating at maximum efficiency.

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Instant increase in active time!

This UK bank managed to increase their remote employees' active time by 46% in just 3 days! WorkTime functions and it's transparent approach made it smooth and effective.

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Excellent boost!

WorkTime. Idle time monitoring

More about WorkTime idle time monitoring

1. Detection of false overtime. Detecting false overtime is a breeze with the cutting-edge technology of WorkTime. This advanced feature automatically identifies instances of false overtime, resulting in substantial cost savings for companies, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars annually. 2. Improved efficiency. Experience enhanced efficiency through idle time tracking with our solution. By detecting prolonged periods of downtime or inactive work, you can identify high-performing employees and address any issues related to prolonged inactivity. Take decisive actions to eliminate productivity hurdles and optimize workflow.
3. Perfect for remote employees. Our software, in particular the idle time detection feature, is perfect for remote employees, allowing companies to monitor efficiency, productivity and other parameters that will allow them to evaluate the quality of the employee's work and implement changes to the workflow if necessary. 4. Compliance with deadlines. Achieve deadline compliance with the help of idle time tracking. WorkTime's software is committed to assisting clients in improving productivity and efficiency. Our advanced solutions automatically calculate total idle time, ensuring a focus on meeting important deadlines. 5. A non-invasive approach. Emphasizing a non-invasive approach, all WorkTime monitoring functions, including idle time tracking, strictly adhere to a model that respects employee privacy. Our software cannot be used for surveillance or any activities that compromise the confidentiality of individuals. 6. Automatic idle time monitoring. Say goodbye to manual analysis and waiting periods. WorkTime's automatic idle time monitoring provides real-time insights into employee performance, eliminating the need to press buttons or wait for hours or days to gather crucial data on idle time, efficiency, and other metrics. 7. Saving company budget. Watch your company's budget thrive by leveraging a computer idle time tracker. It enables significant cost savings by preventing the need for false overtime payments or reducing overtime expenses, especially for hourly employees. 8. Idle time management. WorkTime's idle time tracking software feature will not ring like a bell tower every time an employee goes away for a couple of minutes. We realize that sometimes communication with colleagues or a two-minute conversation with the boss is also part of the workflow. 9. Discipline Enhancement. Witness a boost in employee discipline with the idle time tracker, as proven by WorkTime's experience. When employees are aware that extended periods of inactivity will not go unnoticed, they are motivated to work harder, leading to an overall improvement in discipline levels.