Privacy policy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance at NesterSoft. This Privacy Policy describes our practices of collecting and retaining your data. The use of WorkTime is voluntary and every user must agree to our Terms of Service. We will never rent, sell, or provide your personalized data to a third party.

The data we collect

Contact information When you request to evaluate one of our products, or sign up for WorkTime Cloud – we only collect the basic contact information: your name, company name (optional), phone number (optional) and email.

Payment information Payment Information – NesterSoft Inc. does not collect and / or store your credit card information. If you have selected WorkTime product to buy we will redirect you via SSL encryption to our merchant provider (Stripe). Here’s their general privacy policy and EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Policy

Input Devices Data Information collected by our desktop applications (Mac and Windows) may vary depending on software type selected: 1. Information collected by on-premises software 2. Information collected by cloud-based service

Windows or macOS login name, computer name Attendance information: time when computer is actively used Detailed information: active application, document and url.

Applications currently being worked on, web URLs visited, time you are active, whether your mouse is actively moving or not, the amount of time worked on each app / document, the browser version you are using. Note: WorkTime is not a keylogging or spying program. It does not know what you are typing; it does not take screenshots, records video / audio, collects passwords, captures messengers chats or email contents. This Privacy Policy also applies to information that you provide to us in email, text, and other messages.

Options to limit data collection

Because your privacy is important to us, we have built features that allow your manager to place limitations on the collection of data, or restrict such collection altogether. We provided WorkTime products with option of visible and controlled by user monitoring: any user can start and stop monitoring whenever he wishes. Also, there is a possibility to choose not to monitor URLs visited, applications / documents worked with.

Where your data is stored

Information collected during signup process: name, email, address, company name, phone number. Information collected during agent setup process: team member login and computer’s names.

Information storing may vary depending on software type selected: 1. Information collected by on-premises software: WorkTime collects and passes all monitored data directly to our client’s server without saving and/or storing it anywhere else. In this case NesterSoft only supports the product, and a client is responsible for safety and security of all the data monitored and collected. 2. Information collected by cloud-based service: WorkTime collects and stores data at servers.

WorkTime stores all activity, app, URLs in our Firebird database which is hosted and managed on servers. All client error / report / log files are stored on servers. We have chosen services because of its industry standard security levels, uptime of data, and speed. Here’s Coresite’s privacy policy and information about their data center certification and operations compliance:

The right to be forgotten

NesterSoft provides options to grant the right to be forgotten to its clients: If a client wishes to erase the data collected automatically or basic contact details, he/she can simply contact us via email and we’ll revise every case individually. If a client wishes to delete Payment information, he/she should delete it from the Settings | Account settings | Billing. Credit cards are not stored by NesterSoft, they are kept and processed by the payment processor Stripe. If a client wishes to delete the Input Devices Data, there are two options: 3.1. For WorkTime On-premise: simply uninstall the software or contact us via phone / email for assistance. NesterSoft only stores only your Contact information and we will delete it manually. All data collected and stored at client’s servers are managed by client solely. 3.2. For WorkTime Cloud: there is an option to delete your account from Settings | Account settings | Account. Account will be marked for deletion and permanently deleted after 30 days, along with all backup copies of the server. After that deleting is irreversible. If you need immediate deletion – please contact us via phone / email.

Who has access to your data

If you use WorkTime in your capacity as an employee, your employer has direct access to your data. If you are an independent contractor, the person or entity with whom you contract has direct access to your data.

Using your information

We do not oblige you to provide us your personal information and you agree that you are providing it to voluntarily. We will never rent or sell any personally identifiable information to a third party unless required to provide a service requested and agreed to by you. NesterSoft is committed to the safety, privacy and integrity of your personal or company data.

For more questions about this privacy policy and WorkTime GDPR compliance, please contact us.