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Key features for your insurance company

Boost Efficiency at your workplace

Safety guarantees for your insurance business

  • No screen Capture, no privacy invasion:
  • WorkTime does not capture screenshots or videos of employees' computer activities.

  • Keystrokes remain private:
  • WorkTime does not record or monitor keystrokes. So your team can work with confidence.

  • Compliance with stringent regulations:
  • WorkTime aligns seamlessly with US legislation, GDPR and international law requirements.

Empower your employees and reduce stress

WorkTime is a non-invasive software that prioritizes your employees' privacy and confidentiality.

By using WorkTime, you can:

  • Prevent burnouts
  • Minimize the stress of possible invasive monitoring
  • Acknowledge the efforts of dedicated employees
  • Identify training requirements to support your workforce.

Success story





Insurance company saves $4,000 per month!

A US-based insurance company managed to achieve cost savings by uncovering false overtime claims among employees. After analyzing one month of WorkTime monitoring data, the company accurately identified genuine overtime work and payment-worthy employees.


saved per month

WorkTime. Create a productive team of insurance professionals

Maximize efficiency and productivity while preserving privacy for sensitive information

WorkTime provides non-invasive employee monitoring software that enhances productivity while avoiding keystroke and screenshot monitoring. With over 20 years of experience, WorkTime offers safe, ethical, and effective monitoring solutions. The article outlines five reasons why keystroke and screenshot monitoring are detrimental to businesses, including negative work environments, increased expenses, personnel turnover risks, wasted resources, and security/legal issues. WorkTime's approach focuses on productive analysis without invading employee privacy, ensuring trust and motivation are maintained.
The article highlights real-life examples and emphasizes the benefits of non-invasive monitoring for businesses seeking to enhance productivity without compromising privacy and security. WorkTime's non-invasive employee monitoring software has proven effective for an insurance company facing false overtime claims. In the case of insurance company, a leading insurance company with 250 employees in the USA, the challenge was identifying and addressing exaggerated overtime claims. By implementing WorkTime's solution, the company reduced its overtime expenses significantly. The software revealed that a substantial portion of claimed overtime was unjustified, with computers being used for non-business purposes (70%), idle time (15%), and false claims (5%). This approach resulted in substantial monthly savings of around USD 4,000. The CEO of the company credited WorkTime's employee monitoring software for providing control over overtime issues and enabling redirected funds towards charity.