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Find out what distracts your employees

Gain insight into the precise distractions affecting your remote employees' productivity. Eliminate these distractions to foster a more productive work environment.
Detect false overtime

Identifying erroneous overtime claims ensures that you're not compensated for work that wasn't genuinely performed.

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Prevent the problem of low activity

Safeguard against remote employees becoming disengaged using WorkTime's comprehensive employee monitoring solution.

Monitoring the work of remote employees

Implement effective and respectful monitoring of remote employees. Monitor their activity, attendance, engagement, work hours, and other relevant aspects without intrusion.
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Monitoring employee visits to the workplace

Stay informed about your employees' arrival and departure times. Mitigate intentional absenteeism and deliberate lateness.

Improving productivity

Enhance employee productivity through an array of tools tailored for remote workers. Maintain consistent productivity and minimize unproductive periods.

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More about remote employee monitoring from WorkTime

1. In 2022, research conducted by AT&T revealed that the primary hurdle identified by executives overseeing remote workers was employee supervision. Other challenges encompassed managing teams, particularly due to the dispersed nature of the workforce across various geographical locations and occasionally different time zones. This situation demands supplementary measures and technology to effectively orchestrate team members, sustain their collaborative efforts, and guarantee smooth coordination on tasks. 2. Incorporate productivity monitoring software into your operations. This will aid in enhancing the organization and awareness of employees regarding their work hours allocation. It can also identify factors contributing to reduced productivity, amplify overall performance, and foster increased engagement. It's crucial to opt for a non-intrusive solution and maintain transparency to prevent any privacy or legal issues. When individuals recognize that the monitoring software is employed considerately, with the intention of cultivating a more positive and improved employee experience, their enthusiasm towards their work tends to grow.
3. Productivity tracking software when used correctly helps not only to find out how efficiently employees use working time but also to improve their performance. 4. The beneficial influence of monitoring on employee performance is straightforward to grasp. When employees are cognizant of their work being monitored, they tend to exhibit heightened responsibility in managing their time effectively. However, this extends beyond mere supervision. By establishing objectives and communicating the outcomes of monitoring to employees, you can furnish them with a distinct comprehension of your expectations, thereby fostering increased engagement, concentration, and motivation. This approach also cultivates accountability among workers, as you can consistently reference productivity reports generated individually for each employee through monitoring software. 5. By using monitoring software you can identify employee productivity trends and detect problems behind poor performance and areas that need improvement. It also helps keep remote employees’ workloads balanced making sure that they are working to their fullest potential and at the same time aren’t overworking. 6. To effectively oversee remote employees, thorough preparation is essential. Determine in advance the frequency and communication channels for interactions among remote team members, as well as the platforms designated for collaborative efforts and project management. Strategize all logistical aspects, encompassing work hours and breaks. Verify that your employees possess the necessary resources for remote work and offer technical assistance as needed. Lastly, ensure the application of non-intrusive methods and tools to proficiently monitor and enhance employee productivity, which is of utmost importance.