Employee monitoring for banking institutions

Enhance employee performance while ensuring privacy protection

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  • For Windows, macOS
  • Cloud, on-premise
  • For Terminal/Citrix server
  • From 1 to 15,000+ computers
  • 25+ years in employee monitoring
  • Office, remote, hybrid

Safe & effective employee monitoring software

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Monitor computer activity of your team
  • Minimize online distractions of employees
  • Safeguard private banking data
  • Mitigate data breach risks
  • Improve remote team management

Unlock new opportunities with WorkTime

Your data is safe with WorkTime

WorkTime uses non-invasive approach and does not record any private banking information

Our software can:
  • Track webcam and microphone Usage
  • Monitor computer usage
  • Monitor application and software usage
But it won't:
  • Record video or phone conversations
  • Capture screenshots of content
  • Monitor or record keystrokes

Ensuring Compliance and Legal Adherence

No matter where your banking business is located, our software operates within legal boundaries to ensure your peace of mind.

Our software respects and adheres to the legal requirements of the regions you operate in, providing a secure foundation for employee monitoring.

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Instant increase in active time!

This UK bank managed to increase their remote employees' active time by 46% in just 3 days! WorkTime functions and it's transparent approach made it smooth and effective.

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WorkTime. Employee monitoring for banking institutions

Don't worry about security issues; instead, improve your institution's productivity and efficiency

WorkTime's employee monitoring software designed for banking institutions. Our comprehensive solution offers compatibility with Windows, Mac, cloud, on-premise, Terminal/Citrix servers, and scales from 1 to 15,000+ computers. Backed by over 20 years of productivity monitoring expertise, WorkTime provides a safe and effective way to boost employee productivity, monitor team activities, minimize distractions, and safeguard private banking data. Maximize security and compliance with WorkTime's advanced monitoring capabilities. Our software safeguards sensitive financial data and ensures compliance with stringent industry regulations. Stay ahead of potential threats and prevent fraud by identifying unusual patterns that could indicate fraudulent activities. Optimize your banking operations with real-time insights into employee activities, streamlining processes, and efficient resource allocation.
Managing remote employees becomes seamless with WorkTime, ensuring their productivity even outside the office environment. With WorkTime, your data remains safe; our non-invasive approach prioritizes privacy and avoids recording private banking information. Our software has the ability to track webcam and microphone usage, monitor computer activities, and oversee application and software usage. Importantly, it refrains from recording video or phone conversations, capturing screenshots of content, or monitoring keystrokes. We are committed to ensuring compliance and legal adherence across the globe. Whether in the EU or the USA, WorkTime respects and operates within the legal boundaries, complying with GDPR for European standards and adhering to relevant US legislation. Our stringent safety protocols provide global assurance, giving you the confidence that your data is secured across regions. Experience how WorkTime empowers banking institutions to enhance performance, privacy, security, and compliance while optimizing efficiency and productivity. WorkTime offers non-invasive employee monitoring software that aims to enhance workplace efficiency and protect employee privacy. Unlike other software, WorkTime avoids the use of keystroke and screenshot monitoring due to its negative implications. Five reasons why these monitoring methods are detrimental to businesses: they negatively impact work environment, lead to increased expenses, risk losing valuable employees, waste system resources and management time, and pose security and legal risks. WorkTime approach focuses on analyzing productivity without invading employees' privacy, offering metrics such as productive vs. unproductive screen time and keystroke counts. The software seeks to improve workplace autonomy, reduce micromanagement, and avoid the storage and analysis burden associated with traditional monitoring methods. WorkTime addresses legal concerns and data security issues associated with keystroke and screenshot recording, advocating for its non-invasive approach to achieve productivity enhancement. WorkTime's committed to transparent, ethical, and effective monitoring to foster a healthy work environment.