Secure and ethical monitoring for government agencies

Elevate productivity with confidence and law compliance

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  • For Windows, macOS
  • Cloud, on-premise
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  • From 1 to 15,000+ computers
  • 25+ years in employee monitoring
  • Office, remote, hybrid

Boost efficiency and transparency

Ensure productivity, prevent data leakage

WorkTime prioritizes a non-invasive method, refraining from recording any sensitive private data

Our software offers:
  • Oversight of webcam and microphone usage
  • Tracking of computer activities
  • Monitoring application and software usage
  • Tracking idle time and minimizing distractions
But it does not:
  • Record video or phone conversations
  • Capture screenshots of content
  • Monitor or record keystrokes
  • Capture sensitive data, such as email content

Ensure safety with WorkTime's tailored monitoring for government and public offices

Enhance workforce productivity safely

Our non-invasive software

Uses AES-256 encryption, compliant with FIPS standards

Aligns with GDPR regulations

Adheres to US legislative requirements

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Cloud-based Accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity. Easy setup and maintenance, with secure cloud storage.
On-premises Full control and customization, ensuring sensitive data remains secure on your premises. Explore WorkTime now for secure employee monitoring!

WorkTime efficiently monitors both in-office, hybrid, and remote workers to ensure smooth management even when federal employees need to work from home

Enhance employee well-being in government offices with WorkTime

With our non-invasive software, you can

Experience secure monitoring to boost productivity with WorkTime

Discover optimal employee monitoring designed exclusively for government and public services. Achieve heightened productivity, compliance, and security while respecting employee privacy. Differentiate keyloggers from keystroke counters, enabling informed decisions. Explore keyloggers' applications, risks, legality, and detection. Understand keystroke counters' non-invasive nature and legality. Balance sensitive industries' needs, prioritize data security, and uphold employee privacy. Tackle ethical concerns with our privacy-respecting approach. Opt for keystroke counters over keyloggers for non-invasive productivity enhancement. Explore alternatives to keystroke logging, such as internet monitoring, performance indicators, and our innovative keystroke counter. Windows 10 users can choose our secure alternative. Experience WorkTime's edge—accurate insights into productivity, including keystrokes per application/website and per hour. Browser-based reports ensure flexibility while protecting privacy. Embrace efficient, ethical employee monitoring with WorkTime.
Discover WorkTime Corporate & Professional 7.28, now fortified with FIPS 140-2 encryption to align with government security standards. Developed by NesterSoft Inc., WorkTime Corporate employee monitoring software now features AES-256 client data file encryption, elevating its security measures. This advanced encryption ensures internal communication safety, meeting U.S. government computer security standards and maintaining data confidentiality. WorkTime remains a secure, non-sharing, and non-publishing solution, keeping all monitoring data within your organization. Monitor Government and Public Service Employees with WorkTime! "WorkTime 7.28 aligns with the latest safety and security standards, offering companies a safer working environment and secure communication." – Kirill Nesterenko, CEO of NesterSoft Inc. WorkTime provides non-invasive, respectful employee computer monitoring solutions.Discover WorkTime's GDPR-compliant approach to employee monitoring. In an era of stringent data protection laws like GDPR, organizations within the EU and beyond, especially those within government and public services, require compliant employee monitoring solutions. WorkTime provides a legally sound, non-invasive monitoring approach that safeguards employee privacy while ensuring productivity. What is GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), active since May 25, 2018, safeguards EU citizens' data and privacy. It's crucial for businesses, including government and public service entities, that collect or process personal data to adhere to GDPR guidelines. WorkTime's non-invasive monitoring aligns with the core GDPR principles, ensuring that employee data is handled transparently, securely, and ethically. Here's how WorkTime complies: Transparency, Fairness, and Lawfulness: WorkTime maintains transparency by providing clear policies and handbooks, informing employees about monitoring practices. Purpose Limitation: WorkTime's monitoring serves the legitimate purpose of enhancing productivity and protecting sensitive data, aligning with GDPR's principle of specified and legitimate use. Data Minimization: WorkTime collects minimal, relevant data, avoiding privacy violations and aligning with GDPR's data minimization principle. Accuracy: WorkTime keeps data accurate and up-to-date, ensuring that outdated information is erased or rectified as required by GDPR. Storage Limitation: WorkTime retains data only as long as necessary, adhering to GDPR's storage limitation principle. Security, Integrity, and Confidentiality: WorkTime prioritizes data security, ensuring appropriate measures to prevent unlawful processing or loss. Accountability: WorkTime thoroughly documents monitoring measures, promoting accountability as mandated by GDPR. WorkTime's GDPR Compliance Approach: WorkTime aligns with GDPR while respecting employees' privacy through these steps: Transparent Monitoring: WorkTime provides ready-to-use policies and handbooks, allowing employers to inform employees about the monitoring process. Focused on Productivity: WorkTime's monitoring revolves around improving productivity, collecting only relevant data. Data Security: WorkTime employs encryption and security measures to prevent data leaks, ensuring zero breaches. Non-Invasive Approach: WorkTime's monitoring respects employees' privacy boundaries, providing an ethical and effective solution. Conclusion: For government and public service entities seeking GDPR-compliant employee monitoring, WorkTime offers an efficient and lawful solution that boosts productivity while protecting privacy. It's time to monitor confidently with WorkTime!