Summerific® Week

Celebrating Summerific® Hibiscus | August 2-8, 2021


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Why We Love Summerific® Hibiscus

Summerific® Hibiscus are one of the most iconic landscape perennials with massive 8” flowers and a head turning midsummer display. We are choosing the first full week of August every year to highlight this collection and feature one of our absolute favorite perennials.

Hibiscus are a fast growing, easy care perennial that is native to North America. Summerific® varieties are hybrids of Hibiscus moscheutos and improve on their native roots with earlier blooming, sturdier habits, and indeterminate blooming (flowers appearing the length of the stem). Summerific® Hibiscus also come in a variety of foliage colors, extending interest beyond just the flowers. There is a lot to love about these plants, and we’re hoping you’ll help us spread the word!

How to Make this Year Summerific®

When Hibiscus week rolls around, make sure you have your plants featured in your store. Then, join the Hibiscus-mania by sharing your plants on social media. Let your customers know you’ve got Summerific® Hibiscus by posting during this week.

Help Us Spread the Word

We will be partnering with garden communicators to post about Hibiscus during this week. You can help to spread the word by tagging us on Facebook or using #SummerificWeek on Instagram featuring your Hibiscus.

5 Tips to take Advantage of Summerific® Week

  1. Educate Yourself & Your Staff on Hardy Hibiscus – Knowing what makes these plants special and how they differ from other Hibiscus will help you create more informative social media content and answer customer questions. Check out #SummerificWeek for all you need to know about these plants.
  2. Be Creative with your Posts – Do more than just the flower close up. They’re incredible plants capable of incredible photos. If you want to see what others are doing, follow #SummerificWeek on Instagram
  3. Post more than Once – This is event marketing. In order to get your customers to notice and engage with Summerific® Week you should post multiple times during and leading up to the event
  4. Tag Local – If you’re boosting, sharing, or hashtagging posts, be sure to include info on where you’re located or how to order from you. Adding location data or region specific
  5. Put 'em Up Front – Hardy Hibiscus are an impulse buy. 8” flowers make them easy to spot in the back of the store. Imagine how they’ll turn heads up front or where they’re visible from the road!

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